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Professor Muhammad A. Katcha

Director Institute of Education

The present Director is Prof. Muhammad Abdullahi Katcha, from Department of Science and Environmental Education, Faculty of Education, University of Abuja. He was the first Deputy Director of Institute and the first professor to be appointed as a Director of Institute of Education. Pof. Katcha is a Fellow of Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (FSTAN) and a member of Nigeria Academy of Education (MNAE). He has served in Various capacities in the University including Head of Department of SEE, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), Deputy Director Continuing Education at Centre for Distance learning and Continuing Education (CDL&CE) etc. Prof. Katcha has been actively participating at a Science Teacher Training Centre since 1985 when he was transferred from GSS Minna to Government Science Teachers College (GSTC) Bida where he introduced Integrated Science as a subject and also taught Biology. He is a specialist in Biology Education and has trained many science teachers (B.Sc (Ed),PGDE, M.Ed, M.Sc (Ed) and Ph.D Science Education certificate holders. He has supervised many students B.Sc (Ed) projects, PGDE projects M.Ed and Ph. D theses in Biology Education and Science Education. He is an external examiner to many Universities such as Universities of Ilorin, Federal University of Technology Minna, University of Benin, Benin City etc.


Ph.D Science Education; ABU Zaria 2006.
M.Sc(Ed) Biology Education, University of Jos, Jos 1993.
B.Sc (Ed) Biology Education UDUS, Sokoto 1990.
NCE Biology/Geography; COE Minna 1983.
West African School Certificate (WASC) 1980.
Certificate of Primary Education; L.E.A Primary School Katcha 1975.


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